Risk Management & Loss Control Services

Risk Management

One method to lower an insured’s risk profile is to not let a claim happen in the first place. Alive Risk has incorporated a risk management philosophy that focuses on identification and mitigation. As such, we work with third-party loss control individuals to provide inspections, training, and best practices, including tools and information to lower an insured’s risk profile. In addition, Alive Risk provides the insured with access to a third-party online platform for training, first report of injury, video storage and a repository for documents and other information. This platform also allows for KPIs from inspections to measure across an entire book or specific to a program or subprogram.

Additional services available from third parties:

  • Electronic team member training
  • First report of injury housed on electronic platform
  • Patron signs, videos, web pages and rule delivery review
  • Camera and video storage solutions
  • Waiver and waiver management
  • State compliance program

Loss control services available from third parties:

  • Pre-purchased audit and inspection of operations
  • Provide independent assessment of risks and exposures prior to sale / acquisitions
  • Assistance in development of risk management operational guidelines
  • Assist in development of management and staff training for risk management and loss control
  • Evaluation and support to develop waivers, patron education, warning labels and video surveillance
  • Assist in choosing vendors for video surveillance, POS, records retention, etc.
  • Ongoing operations support
  • Independent inspections and audits to hold operations accountable to risk management standards provided by third-party
  • Ongoing training support
  • Provide forensic examination of incidents and alert third-party legal department for early intervention
  • Provide expert witnesses to assist in legal defense